We believe that those with resources should help people and animals that can not satisfy their basic needs themselves. Therefore, we will finance with your purchases in 2021 following projects:

💧 The Water Project. A non-profit organization that enables communities in Africa south of the Sahara a secure access to clean water and adequate sanitary facilities. In 2020 we helped in Mbetini, Kenya (Africa), a sand dam (details see below).

🧸 Kinderothilfe. One of the largest humanitarian aid organizations in Germany, which supports more than two million disadvantaged children and families in Asia, Africa and South America with sustainable development projects. In 2020 we helped a group of children with a dozen school books.

🐈 A non-profit organization and an ambassador to the value of animal life. With the help of a comprehensive volunteer network, EGIDA not only helps animals with disabilities, but has also built up a support system for strays in Belarus. For Saewelo it is a new funding project. In 2020 we have provided 312 daily free food for a cat or a dog in a shelter in Odessa (Ukraine).
Each purchase of a Saewelo product we donate in your name and ensure a bit of sun in the life of helpful families and animals in over 40 countries.

💧The Water Project💧

Why water?

  • Nearly 1 billion people have no clean water to drink. (
  • Every year, more than 3.4 million people die in the consequences of impure water, lack of sanitary facilities and inadequate hygiene. Almost all deaths, 99 percent, occur in developing countries. (
  • Lack of access to clean water and sanitary facilities kills children with a rate that corresponds to a jumbojet, which crashes every four hours. (
  • It was calculated that in South Africa alone in a total of a total of the same distance as 16 times to the moon and back to get water for their families. (

How do you help?

In your name Saewelo donates the Water Project. With every purchase, you make sure that a family in Africa south of the Sahara, a community after another, 3 to 7 days has reliable access to clean and safe water. You can get our progress live live our donations pagelook at.

Project Update (23/11/2020): NYour Sanddamm in Mbitini, Kenya built!

Image Courtesy of the thewaterproject

Mbibini, Kenya, thanks to your donation now has access to a new source of water. On a sandy riverbed, a new sand dam was built, the sand builds up to increase the groundwater level and filter the water naturally. The members of the community and their families have contributed material and physical work to complete the project. The Water-Project team trained them in various disciplines such as accounting, financial management, project management, group dynamics and management. They also carried out a hygiene and sanitary training to convey ability such as soap production and to improve behaviors such as hand washing.For more information please here click.


 Are you ever frustrated because you have nothing to drink?