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What does saewelo mean?
The term "saewelo" comes from the Urgerman and means "sun". The sun gives light and allows life. It provides us with the energy necessary to overcome challenges, every single day. We at saewelo are convinced that there is a sun in each of us and that each can be a sun for others.

What is our mission?
We want people to feel special thanks to our wealth of thought, high-quality products.

What is our vision?
We want to be a strong impulse for care. Caring means warmth. Care means an obligation to loved ones. Caring means caring for others. Caring means reaching out to someone. Caring means paying attention to details. Caring means helping. Care means duty. Caring means loving. saewelo stands for care.

What is our promise of quality?
Give something with pride. Our goal is a product that surprises. In a positive sense, with all its characteristics: first-class material, high-quality processing and convincing functionality. A product that you give with pride to a loved one or even to the child within you. Should you feel less than that, we are happy to support you with the saewelo refund in full or the saewelo exchange guarantee. We stand by our promise of quality, because for those we love, only the best is good enough.

Who are we?
A start-up from Munich (Germany), which 2016 was founded by two seemingly opposing yet actually complementary and connected personalities who fly each other when working together on a great thing.

saewelo Team

Cookhhan Co-Founder CEO
Yang saewelian. Visionary (strategy). Business engineer (process management). Data sample (analytics). Space connoisseur and innovation franchise.

Nika Co-Founder COO
Yin saewelian. Visual (content & design). Social media. Fair (Social responsibility). Foodista, coffee lover and animal protector.

Elena ~ Customer service

Jorg ~ Human Resources

Silke ~ Editorial & Copywriting

Chris ~ Photography

No ~Design

Cleopatra ~ COC (Chief Office Cat)


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