Gift voucher for special people and moments


Gift voucher for special people and moments

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Imagine that you love red apples and want to give a special pleasure to someone close to your heart. What's closer than giving this person a box of fresh, crispy, aromatic red apples? For you, without question, an unbeatable gift idea! But what you've overlooked is the person you're giving away doesn't love red apples. but green. What a mess and what a disappointment for both of you, because with the choice of the wonderful red apples you actually meant it extra well. Unfortunately, good intentions are not always well done. Well done, I'm sure, is the saewelo gift certificate.

Note: As soon as you have added a saewelo gift voucher to your shopping cart, please use the "Special Notes to the Seller" box to tell us the name of the dear person to receive the gift voucher and their address, if the shipment is to be made by us directly.