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We are sawelo

A start-up from Munich (Germany), founded in 2016 by two seemingly opposite but actually complementary and connected personalities who inspire each other when they work together on a great cause.

Our Vision & Mission

We want people to feel special thanks to our thoughtfully created, high-quality products.

We want to be a strong driving force for care. Caring means warmth. Caring means a commitment to loved ones. Caring means caring for others. Caring means extending a hand to someone. Caring means paying attention to details. Caring means helping. Caring means a sense of duty. Caring means loving. saewelo stands for care.

What does "saewelo" mean?

The term “saewelo” comes from Proto-Germanic and means “sun”. The sun provides light and enables life. It provides us with the energy we need to overcome challenges, every single day. We at “saewelo” are convinced that there is a sun in each of us and that everyone can be a sun for others.

Our promise of quality

Give with pride.

Our goal is a product that surprises. In a positive sense, with all its features: first-class material, high-quality workmanship and convincing functionality. A product that you are proud to give to a loved one or even the child in you.

If you feel less than that, we are happy to support you with the saewelo refund in full or the saewelo exchange guarantee.

We stand by our promise of quality, because only the best is good enough for those we love.

We grow so that one day we can give something back.

We believe in the importance of giving back. We only truly live when we grow. But what is the end goal of all this growth? We grow so that we can give something back at some point. Whether we give back to our loved ones, community, or society, we will only find true fulfillment when we look beyond our needs.

We are all connected and our actions can have a positive impact on others. By giving back, we not only help those in need, but we also feel a sense of purpose, connection, and joy. The best thing is that you don't have to be extremely successful to make a contribution - every small contribution in any form counts.

The key is to find ways to give back that align with our values, strengths and passions. Our heart beats for animals, especially cats in need. We get involved directly on site with our hands and from afar with donations and advice.


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