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Baby wash basics

Especially in the first weeks of life, a "catwear" is enough with the washcloth for your baby. Read here tips on how to wash your baby properly and from which age you can swim it.

"Cat linen" for newborns, bathing only later
A "cat wash" on the changing table is completely sufficient to clean the skin of newborns. Wash your baby only with a soft, damp washcloth and lukewarm water, best at a room temperature of 23 to 25 degrees. There are also small naked ice even well - and the protective layer of the skin is retained.

6 Tips for washing the baby:

• Let time be time and enjoy the skin contact with your baby.
• Explain your baby quietly, what you plan, which body part is next turn.
• Sing a song to your baby while hands and washcloths glide over his body. Even if it does not understand the meaning of her words, her cheerful voice seems incredibly reassuring!
• Start in the face and move down to the feet after rinsing the washing camp.
• Forget the ear cups and the skin folds on neck and do not choose! Here often sweat and dead skin residues collect.
• If an area is clean, dry it with a preheated terry towel.
From the age of three weeks, nothing talks about bathing her baby. When baby care, you should note the following:

5 tips for bathing the baby

• The water should be 37 degrees warm.
• Baden should not last longer than five to ten minutes.
• Baden the baby only once or twice a week, because each bathroom extracts the baby skin additionally fat and moisture.
• Raise on foaming bath additives - they are literally out of the baby skin. Only with dry skin should you use back-getting, soap-free additives.
• Drying is particularly important because moisture collects in the skin folds behind the ears, in the armpits, between the fingers and toes, in the filling bends and the knees can easily lead to inflammation.

The navel needs extra care

Unlike earlier assumptions, the rest of the umbilical cord disturbs the newborn in the first 2 weeks of her life on the navel, do not bathe. "In principle, you can take children immediately at home", White Baby Expert Liance. A few minutes of bath are considered appropriate. Then allow the umbilical cord to dry with the umbilical clamp before the diaper is applied. Run the diaper in front, so you do not rub on the navel. Cleanliness is at the umbilical care of the top bid: first wash your own hands, then droves the special tincture from the clinic and wrap some mull. Finally comes the association. These handles will be shown in detail in the clinic or in the birthplace. And no later than 2 weeks, the rest of the umbilical cord falls off alone. Most babies love that.


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