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Bactericidal, antifungal and hypoallergenic properties of linen

The art of spinning threads from flax has been known for more than a thousand years, and to this day linen fabrics do not lose their relevance in everyday life, fashion and production. The unique properties of linen fibers make the fabrics made from them not only comfortable and durable, but also beneficial to health.

Flax fibers have bactericidal properties. This means that the pathogenic microflora dies when it comes into contact with linen fabrics. The silicon dioxide found in flax inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause fermentation and putrefaction. Regularly sleeping on linen or wearing linen clothing speeds up the healing of wounds, sunburn and wounds heal faster in linen bandages. Linen can be ironed and boiled for maximum sterilization.

Flax’s antifungal properties help treat fungal diseases. The tea towels made of linen put an end to bacteria.

Undyed linen fabrics are hypoallergenic. While cases of allergies to synthetic fabrics, wool and silk are known, no such cases have been recorded for flax. In addition, flax is generally less processed with chemicals during cultivation than cotton. The high strength of linen fibers does not require manufacturers to use fabric conditioners or apply anti-shrinkage. A piece of advice for allergy sufferers and asthmatics: choose linen fabrics that are easy to fold and difficult to iron - they have not been chemically treated to prevent wrinkles.

As a natural material, linen “breathes” very well , i.e. it lets air and steam through. Linen ensures optimal ventilation of the skin and helps us to regulate heat. When it comes into contact with the skin in winter, it heats up, in summer it extracts heat from the skin, thus lowering the body temperature. The hygroscopicity, i.e. the ability of certain substances to absorb humidity, is higher in flax than in cotton (12% to 8% depending on the humidity and the prevailing temperature and wind conditions). This quality is not only important for our summer clothing, but also for bed linen and kitchen towels all year round.

Linen is antistatic. This property ensures the cleanliness of the fabric: it gets dirty less and does not collect fibers of a different color or dust.

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